Justice With Dignity.


The Biloxi Police Department has a rich history of providing quality law enforcement services to the community with the earliest records showing Peter Flanagan as the City Marshall in 1841. The ensuing years witnessed several changes in the Police Department, including the 1897 expansion of the department to three officers under the leadership of Biloxi Town Marshall Charles W. Blake; the first recorded reference to a “Police Chief” in 1914 during Louis Staehling’s tenure; the city council’s 1917 discussion on whether the department’s first new vehicle should be a motorcycle or “patrol wagon”; the first new physical police department, established in 1928 on the first floor of the new city hall building; the Biloxi Police Department’s employment of 36 people in 1953; the newly established Biloxi Police Academy in 1979; and the 1993 selection of Tommy Moffett as the city’s first African American Police Chief.

In Nov 2009, Mayor A.J. Holloway appointed John B. Miller as the department’s 28th Chief of Police. Director Miller is responsible for the daily administration of law enforcement services to the community and the management of a $16 million dollar annual budget. His staff is comprised of 128 sworn officers and 50 civilians. The department continues to evolve as one of the most progressive and well rounded police departments in the state under Director Miller’s leadership, having been recognize nationally and accredited through the state since 2010. According to Director Miller,

The Biloxi Police Department is committed to providing the city with progressive, reliable and citizen-oriented police services in the most professional and timely manner possible. “Justice with Dignity” is our motto.”

The Biloxi Police Department is a hierarchical organization with an Operations Division and Investigations Division responsible for all the internal and external functions of the department. The Operations Division provides the majority of uniformed services to the community, including Patrol Operations, Training, Front Desk and Records Support, Community Relations and Animal Control Services. The Investigations Division provides comprehensive investigative and support services, including Criminal Investigations, Narcotics and Vice Investigations, Computer Forensics, Crime Scene Investigations, and Property and Evidence Support. Internal services such as Finances, Policy Management, Internal Affairs and Communications all fall under the direct supervision of Director Miller.

Biloxi is a city of approx. 45,000 citizens; however, being a resort destination, hosts a majority of the seven million annual visitors to the MS Gulf Coast. A population this size keeps the police department busy. For instance, the Communications Center averages 210,000 phone calls a year, of which almost 44,000 are 911 requests for assistance. Sworn officers respond to an average of 125,000 calls for service each year, including 16,000 traffic stops and 3000 vehicle crashes, and make an average of 7400 arrests.

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Best Regards,

John Miller
Chief of Police